The Old Abbey

Twyford Abbey – West Twyford

This Twyford Abbey was never an abbey and still isn’t.

This manor house had been partially demolish between 1715 and 1806. The house was then turned into a gothic themed mansion.

In 1902, the building was bought and became a nursing home, which closed in 1988 due to insufficient funds.


The building features beautiful stained glass located all over the entire building, it is sad to see it decaying.

Ceilings and walls crumbling apart. Many corridors had rotting wood, holes and the inability to take an average person’s weight.

The Brave Wanderers

Those who have had the guts to go have reported an eerie feeling, mainly due to the poor condition this old manor house has been left it.

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An Old Military Base

Cambridge Military Hospital

The Cambridge Military hospital was named after Prince George. It was first opened on the 18th July 1879.

During the First World War, this hospital acted as the first base hospital to receive those who were injured. Another little fact is that it was the first place where plastic surgery took place in Britain.

After both the first and second world war, there was a decline in importance of military commitments, so civilians started to get admitted to the hospital.

The building eventually closed down on February 2nd in 1996 as the cost of keeping the old building a float got too much, as well as asbestos within the building posing a health threat.

What now?

Now, explores use this building as a bases of exploring and taking photographs. They say the long, dark, creepy corridoors create the perfect mysterious images.









See what happened to Rougham hall after World War Two.

Damaged From The War

Rougham Hall, Suffolk


This estate is located near St Bury Edmonds, which is local for a lot of visitors.

In 1905, this building was owned by Sir George Agnew and is still within that family’s ownership.

rougham-hallDuring World War Two, this property was taken over by the army; however it was struck by a forceful bomb in September 1940.

The bomb damaged the beautiful bell tower that still stands today – but with faults. It still hasn’t been fixed and is unlikely to.

Ever since being hit by the bomb, it has remained derelict. In 1975 the west tower was demolished due to the safety issues of the falling apart building.

This building has now been put as a British Listed Building, with much of the house being damaged.

This estate features disconnected stables, due to the lack of maintenance the roof began to fall apart. It needed to be fixed due to still being used – you can see the end result here.

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