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How to Maintain Historic Buildings

 Historic building advice

Events showing people how to maintain historic buildings like the Old Abbey, will be running across the UK for the next six months.

Owners and occupiers of historic buildings are invited to attend a series of free heritage events which will teach people how to effectively maintain their buildings and save money in the process.

One top tip is to keep properties and estates clear of rubble, rubbish and waste. Specialist waste removal services from Any Waste in Manchester include domestic rubbish clearance from large and small sites. For those based in the South in London, we recommend Diamond Waste.

Listed Building Roof Repairs

Historic buildings are sometimes listed as a means of protecting their historic background. If your listed building needs repairs, it is essential that you get in touch with a specialist, rather than any old company.
A listed building will have to be handled very differently and should only be repaired by an experienced team. For more information on listed building repairs, see

Local Events

The events have been set up under the Armley Townscape Heritage Initiative grant scheme, and will be jointly funded by Manchester City Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Architects, surveyors and contractors along with residents and owners of historic buildings are being encouraged to attend the events which explain the benefits of carrying out appropriate repair and restoration works to historic buildings as seen here.

A Manchester City Council executive board member with responsibility for development and regeneration said:
“These events will give people an excellent insight into how to restore and maintain historic properties.

“It is important that as a city we ensure that history is kept alive and maintained for future generations to enjoy.”

The events are scheduled to run from June through to October 2018 and will be held in various buildings in major UK cities.

The next event is on 6 June at Manchester One Stop Centre and will focus on the need for old buildings to breathe.

For details of further events contact us

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