The Lonely School

Damage from the War

Rougham Hall, Suffolk

This estate is located near St Bury Edmonds, which is local for many visitors.

In 1905, this building was owned by Sir George Agnew and is still within that family’s ownership.

This property was taken over by the army during World War Two; however, it was struck by a forceful bomb in September 1940.

The bomb damaged the beautiful bell tower, which still stands today—but with faults. It still hasn’t been fixed and is unlikely to be.

Ever since being hit by the bomb, it has remained derelict. In 1975, the west tower was demolished due to safety issues caused by the building falling apart.

This building has now been put on as British-listed, with much of the house being damaged.

This estate features disconnected stables. Due to the lack of maintenance, the roof began to fall apart. It needed to be fixed because it was still being used—you can see the end result here.

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