Protecting your historical building

How to Protect Historic & Listed Buildings: Heritage Protection Guide

Suppose you are the owner, facilities manager or curator of a historic or heritage building open for visitor attraction. In that case, it should be your ultimate priority to protect the building and its inside contents.

There are numerous things you can do to ensure your building’s conservation and safety. However, this does come with some challenges, and in this article, we will identify key solutions to help you manage your building properly.

Is it necessary to protect old buildings?

Of course, it goes without saying that the preservation of historic buildings is crucial to not only retaining our nation’s heritage but also the buildings’ history and integrity.

As these listed historic buildings are places of interest, they are also targets for theft. For example, metal theft, especially from roofs, is common with historic buildings.

Not only can this leave your listed building damaged and needing costly repair, but it can also cause expense, stress, and frustration.

Places of worship also experience high levels of theft, which is part of the broader issue of heritage crime. There is a big global demand for raw materials, which makes many historic places vulnerable to attacks from thieves looking for lead, copper, and zinc.

Historic England recommends installing an alarm system and has provided curators and managers with a template for risk assessment that will need to be carried out.

Download the template here.

What’s the first thing you need to do?

Historic buildings need to be protected against theft and fire. Preparing for risk and installing alarm and CCTV systems will allow you to deter thieves and keep the building safe 24/7, ultimately protecting it from severe harm.

When deciding between different CCTV installation companies, you should be looking for ones that offer advanced security systems, including computer-controlled video analytic software that can be programmed to identify any moving object, which will be great for dark passageways and halls. For example, Active Communication Company Ltd (ACCL) is rated 5 stars by their customers and is a pioneer in CCTV camera installation services.

What are some other simple ways you can protect a historical building?

Read more advice here.

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